Lisa Baron is originally from Upstate, NY, small town USA, where she missed many-a-trends that make-up a teenage girl;  the song 'My Humps' confused her for years due to its references to 'Seven Jeans' and 'True Religions'.

As she was left humorously unaware of many happenings in the outside world, she became enamored with experiencing diversities with human conditions and cultures. After all, there's no place that shoves other peoples' business in your face like NYC. 

Now, Lisa wants to create work that shows the comedy in real human emotions and makes us all feel more connected.

Her ultimate goal is bring Filmmaking back Upstate and facilitate an understanding and emphasis for the arts.

Co-Creator of From My Box To Yours Sketches, Dairy-Free Productions, and Director of Short Film, Hedda Needs Help.

Lisa studied at Upright Citizens Brigade, Anthony Meindl's Actor's Workshop, University of New Hampshire, St Lawrence University, and the school of hard knocks.

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