Born and raised in Upstate New York where I was never exposed to things like "Seven Jeans". That is, not until I attended a small liberal arts college where many a trust fund came to learn about philosophy and poetry and feminism and stuff. As a matter of fact, the song "My Humps" confused me dearly for years (ie. Seven Jeans, True Religion, I say no, but they keep giving).

Now, my goal is to develop media that highlights the lighter moments in life. Whether that be music videos, comedic short films, or gorgeous weddings, I want to take what we see daily and find some magic (‘cause ain't no body got time for that negative media). 

Former student from Upright Citizens Brigade and Anthony Meindl's Actor's Workshop. Co-Director/Co-writer of comedy series, "Guccies", short film, It’s Elizabeth, short film, The Nicest Guy in Hell, & Director/Co-Writer of short film, Hedda Needs Help.

Ultimate Life Goal: to be half as cute as ANY of the Dodo Animal Videos seen on Facebook. 








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