Hedda Needs Help is accepted into Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival this May!

Lisa Baron is currently editing a new dance video she shot with co-creator Jachen Mackner, "Teleport". Featuring actress Sheelah Darling and music by Denis Zimmerman.

The Jachen Mackner Series: Teleport

The Jachen Mackner Series: Teleport

Wrapped Day 3 of 4 - Hedda Needs Help!

Hedda Needs Help, the short film co-written and directed by Lisa Baron, is almost done with production! One more day to go and three great days in the books!

Lisa Baron with co-writer and lead, Malin Barr. Angel Yu in shot for HMU.

Jachen Mackner Series

Choreographer and Actress, Jachen Mackner and Lisa Baron create stories based on movement. Watch their first in their series here. Featuring Denis Zimmerman's "When" & actor, Jasper Hayes.

Directed, edited, and shot by Lisa Baron.


Video shot & edited by Lisa Baron & music by Phil Cohen

Hedda Needs Help is a short film written by Malin Barr (Lead) and Lisa Baron (Director). It asks the question, "When does ambition become criminal?" in a very fun and light way. It plays off stereotypes women face reflected through Hollywood and shows Hedda as an anti-hero that's quirky, well-intended, but failing to fit the expectations placed on her.

We are so excited to have a great team working on this project this October including Producer, Kristin Frost (HBO Young Producers Award), Cinematographer, Pat Phillips (Cannes Film Festival), David Gibson (Cannes Film Festival) and Nick Fondulis (30 Rock).