Lisa is an Indie-Filmmaker in its truest form, meaning she’s had to learn to wear a LOT of hats (ok, who am I kidding, they were visors ). Lisa is a comedic writer that has worked on short films, It’s Elizabeth (2019), Hedda Needs Help (2016), and The Nicest Guy in Hell (2019). Mainly focused as a Writer/Director, Lisa can edit your films, shoot your films, be IN your films & writes her own. Basically, she’s WAY too thirsty to make movies, so let’s go!

  • Do you need help creating a successful crowdfunding campaign? Lisa’s first short film EVER raised almost $12,000 in three months.

  • Do you need to find collaborators that work best for your project from NYC, LA, and/or Upstate?

  • Do you need help producing a project?

  • Do you have an idea but are looking for someone to consult on your script, direct your film or even shoot it?

  • Do you have an idea but literally no idea where to start?

    Let me know what you need and I’ll let you know what we can do. Let’s create our memories NOW, folks.