Short Film in Production: It’s Elizabeth

When Elizabeth convinces her recently reunited friend, Wyatt, to join her and her new boyfriend on a couples retreat in the woods, Wyatt quickly realizes that Elizabeth is hiding her past from her soon-to-be fiance flawlessly. That is, until they arrive and see her ex-lover is running the retreat. See more!

Oliver Mayes


Lisa Baron


Besides producing this short film together, Oliver and Lisa will be co-directing and co-writing this short film as well! This will be Oliver’s first directing debut for film, but he’s by no means a new Director! Oliver has directed many plays, hilarious concerts, and cabaret shows in NYC. After Lisa’s short film directing-debut, Hedda Needs Help, they were desperate to do something together, and given their comedy-sketch writing in the past, a comedic short film was perfect next step!


Will Meade


Christian Manzi


Will Meade is a talented Cinematographer, Editor & Director known for his films, Family, Inc., Breaking Through, Not My Tempo and he also worked with Lisa on Hedda Needs Help. Will is our cinematographer and a huge collaborator to make this short film happen! Christian Manzi is an amazing Director/Cinematographer that can do a million different things like a professional! He’s jumping onto our project as our Sound Mixer.


Meet Our Cast!


Gabriella Garcia

Sophie, a free-spirited retreat leader


Zane Lynch

Connor, Wyatt’s new boy-toy turning boyfriend


Ben Woodul

Mitch, the retreat leader & Elizabeth’s long-lost lover


Oliver Mayes

Wyatt, Elizabeth’s recently re-acquainted best friend


Stephen Velasquez

Adam, Elizabeth’s soon-to-be fiance


Chelsea Tupaj

Janet, the recently dumped gal at the couples retreat


Lisa Baron

Elizabeth, a recently conservative girl trying to hide her very scandalous past